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About Us LTD is one of the world's leading fundraising company that facilitate fundraising of all sizes, whether you are an individual, group, or organisation. We harnesses the power of social network and the internet to give people the means to raise funds, help others overcome hardship, and meet their aspirational goals in a manner that is beneficial to all our project managers. LTD Securing funds through traditional bank loan or borrowing to finance start up businesses and fund successive projects has never been easy. When Aelgon fundraising Company was founded, we realized that businesses weren’t being given the opportunity to access needed finance to grow, while entrepreneurs and investors were making poor returns. We came up with a simple idea — Creating a system that bridge the gap between free Donors, Investors and Entrepreneurs, enabling them to support one another.Through the help of Aelgon fundraising Company, people and organizations have the financial tools they need to fund successful projects and grow businesse With our fundraising packages. LOAN
Our Company due offer loan to all our active project managers (members) around to help raise up one on his or her business or private sector , group or organization
Here are the requirements needed to apply for loan,
1) your national ID or residential permit
2)age and gender
3) country's phone number
4) two Active referrals from your country
5) type of business you do / profession or enterprises

Project Manager's Feedback


Maryrose ngwenya
South Africa

Honestly, i enjoyed every moment I've been with Aelgon fundraising Company, since the lost of my husband , things have been so bad for my family, till a friend introduce me to this Aelgon fundraising Company, best company I've meant do far , I love every bit of your help in my family today.


Elizabeth Roth

I've had incredible customer service since I started my project with Aelgon fundraising Company, for nearly 3 years now , I've loved every bit of my experience so far I had with this company.


Anthony Keiser

I never knew a company like this still exists, after I've been a victim to all this online platform everywhere, Aelgon fundraising Company weep away my tears and made me to understand that there's a reason for me smile again.

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